Laminate products

     Stockiest and Agent for Formica (Europe)    
     Metallic Laminate:
     Formica Metallic high pressure
     laminate is created using real metal
     foils over a laminate core to create
     stunning metallic laminates that are
     hard w earing but very light compared
     to sheet metal. Textures and patterns
     are applied to some Metallic laminates
     to create outstanding effects. A
     complete range of striking colours,
     patterns and finishes is available.






Metallic Laminate

High Pressure Laminates (HPL) are 

manufactured through fusing multiple layers of
impregnated paper under high pressure and
temperature to create a hard w earing, durable
and hygienic surfacing material. The Formica
plain colors, patterns and Wood grains ranges
are high pressure laminates w hich are
available in horizontal grade post forming
(HGP) as standard. Flame-retardant HPL (VFP
grade) is also available on request.